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Núm. 1 (1): Repositorio Médico Emergency Department of a Rural Hospital in Ecuador Resumen   PDF
Tara Johnson, David Gaus, Diego Herrera
Núm. 1 (1): Repositorio Médico Making secondary care a primary concern: the rural hospital in Ecuador Resumen   PDF
David Gaus, Diego Herrera, Michael Heisler, Barnett L. Cline, Julius Richmond
Núm. 1 (1): Repositorio Médico Management of Snakebite and Systemic Envenomation in Rural Ecuador Using the 20-minute Whole Blood Clotting Test Resumen   PDF
David Gaus, Diego Herrera, Carlos J. Troya, Alicia Guevara
Núm. 1 (1): Repositorio Médico The Rural Hospital In Ecuador Improving rural secondary care is an essential expansion of the primary care strategy in many lower- and middle-income countries. Resumen   PDF
David Gaus
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